Neely Henry
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Lake Business, Recreation, & Real Estate Web Lists   

Below is a list of items that can be found on the charts Atlantic Mapping produces.
The small (x) signifies that information is on the Neely Henry chart.

( )Geo Plot Systemô
(x)Pre-selected GPS coordinates for underwater structure
(x)Underwater structures
(x)Underwater topography-contours
(x)Above water topography-contours
( )Lake enlargement
(x)Full road network around the lake
(x)Marinas, Bait shops, and other businesses around the lake
(x)Recreational sites and facilities
(x)Color shaded depth chart for quick viewing
( )Fish Attractors
( )Fishing tips
( )Boat Lanes
( )Lake markers
(x)Boat Ramps
(x)Gas on the water
( )Business phone numbers around the lake
(x)River names/ Creek Names
(x)Underwater contour depths marked in feet
(x)Underwater Trees/ Stumps
( )Underwater churches
( )Underwater schools
(x)Underwater Bridges
( )Underwater culverts
(x)Underwater roadbeds
(x)Underwater humps
( )Underwater holes-depressions
(x)Underwater old ponds
(x)Underwater ruins-houses, barns, silos
(x)River Channels/ Creek Channels
( )WMA land around the lake
(x)State parks/ County parks
( )National Forest Land