Toledo Bend South
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Lake Business, Recreation, & Real Estate Web Lists   

Below is a list of items that can be found on the charts Atlantic Mapping produces.
The small (x) signifies that information is on the Toledo Bend South chart.

The Toledo Bend Lake has been separated into 2 charts so it could be blown up to show
greater detail. The Toledo Bend North chart covers area from State/ Hwy 21/ 6 to Logansport.
The Toledo Bend South chart covers from the Dam to State/ Hwy 21/ 6. Both charts together
cover the entire Toledo Bend Lake. 

(x)Geo Plot Systemô
(x)Pre-selected GPS coordinates for underwater structure
(x)Underwater structures
(x)Underwater topography-contours
(x)Above water topography-contours
(x)Lake enlargement
(x)Full road network around the lake
(x)Marinas, Bait shops, and other businesses around the lake
(x)Recreational sites and facilities
(x)Color shaded depth chart for quick viewing
( )Fish Attractors
(x)Fishing tips
(x)Boat Lanes
(x)Lake markers
(x)Boat Ramps
(x)Gas on the water
(x)Business phone numbers around the lake
(x)River names/ Creek Names
(x)Underwater contour depths marked in feet
(x)Underwater Trees/ Stumps
(x)Underwater churches
(x)Underwater schools
(x)Underwater Bridges
(x)Underwater culverts
(x)Underwater roadbeds
(x)Underwater humps
(x)Underwater holes-depressions
(x)Underwater old ponds
(x)Underwater ruins-houses, barns, silos
(x)River Channels/ Creek Channels
(x)WMA land around the lake
(x)State parks/ County parks
(x)National Forest Land